Meet me at Starbucks! New set.

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Hello, folks! I'm back, I hope. Don't wanna waste time and words, here's a set for you, inspired by Starbucks tm. I looove their coffee drinks, and their logo, so here it goes in my sims 3! First of all, I'd like to give gredits. There'll be a big list:
Ok, done with this! Now about the set. It includes 23 files: 4 patterns, 1 celling light, 1 big logo, 1 small round logo, 1 wall sign, coffee posters, brand posters, big paintings, 2 coffee mugs, 2 cups for different drinks, 2 tazo boxes, 1 black apron box, 1 coffee bag, 1 paper bag, 1 menu board, 1 deco plate, 1 rug. All designs are shown on the pics. Everything has a recolorable variation inside, so it's usable not only for Starbucksers. 
It's easy to find these items in game: wall art, misc decor, celling light, abstract patterns, rugs categories only.
Everything is useable on community lots too. 
Here are the screenshots:
Signs and celling light
Big paintings
 Big logo
 Black apron box
 Coffee bag
 Coffee prints
 Coffee cup
 Iced drinks
 Menu bords
 Coffee mug
 Paper bag
 Deco plate
 Brand prints
 Tazo box
 Another Tazo box
Tjis is how it looks (click to enlarge)

Comments (23)

I love this set!!! Can't wait to add it to my game. Thanks :-)

This is AWESOME :D

I had made these conversions for myself, but you're set is way more extensive and full of awesomeness. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING STARBUCKS TO MY SIMS!

Thanks you, thank you, thank you!!!! I love Starbucks!

Amazing! I will definitely download this! Love it! Thanks! :)

Welcome Back!! and you've brought some awesome goodies with you, although I could have done with these a few days ago lol before I uploaded my Brew House Lot over at BPS.
I'm so glad your back and I can't wait to see some more of your awesome stuff.

Hugs x

You have to log in to 4shared to download this?!? Everything looked great!

Wellcome back¡

Your creations are amazings¡ thanks


Thank you all for your kind words!
Anon, sorry, but yes. It's free. I'll add mirorr later.

Yeah, welcome back!
Very good job! I've been waiting your new works :) I love it!
Thanks for amazing set!

thanks i love this i have a request can you make a dounkin dounuts

hi i love your downloads i have a request can you fix Bon Appétit to your sims3 download. i tried to download it but it doesn't work please help

Hey, thank you all so much! And I promise to fix all my links soon. Have no time now, work work

how to install it? (sorry for my english)

why all patterns works for me, but not the items 0: i wanna make a starbuck coffeee ): ! can anyone help me? i REinstall this sims3pack, but it doesn't worked...

Hey, anon, that's kinda strange. Try installing packages and see if they'll work. If yes - that's your launcher. If all the sims3packs work fine, except for this set, than Idk what's the problem, everything works fine for me. Items need only base game to show up.

i love this set!! can't wait to add it to my game soon. Thank you for sharing:-D

how do i put the star buck signs in to game please help anyone

anyone how do i put star buck signs into my game for the sims 2 need help asap thanks

Hi, sorry to bother but I'm a bit confused if this set includes the lot indicated or only the set of objects for the linked building? sorry if it's a silly question D:

Do I have to individually download the cc first before downloading your building?

Is there another way to obtain the files? 4Shared requires a person to sign in to get the files. I don't have an account with 4Shared and I don't want one. The set is really nice and I would love to place it in my game.

Any chance this can be uploaded on somewhere else than 4share?